Workshop 2021: Rediscovering Relational Quantum Mechanics

A New Perspective on Quantum Foundations

University of Geneva (Online Workshop), June 25, 2021

Recent years have witnessed a renewed interest towards Relational Quantum Mechanics (RQM), an interpretation of quantum theory championed by the leading physicist Carlo Rovelli. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to widen, sharpen, deepen our understanding of such an interpretation of quantum theory from both a philosophical and foundational perspective. In particular, the aim is to bolster the discussion about RQM by shedding new light on its profound implications for both the philosophy and the foundations of quantum mechanics. On the one hand, a novel discussion of RQM from a broad philosophical perspective may be helpful to advance original solutions to well-known quantum puzzles. On the other hand, RQM raises new and fascinating questions in and on itself. These ranges from technical questions to more general ones. Among the former we can mention:  How does the theory escape recent theorems that allegedly support an ontic view of the wavefunction (PBR, 2012, Leifer, 2014); How does the theory compare to other interpretations such as Perspectival Realism (Dieks, 2019) or the so-called Ithaca Interpretation (Mermin, 1998); How does the theory resolve new Wigner-type scenarios (Frauchiger, 2018, Bong, 2020). As for the latter type of questions a few examples include: Does the theory favor any ontological framework in particular (ontic structural realism, dispositionalism, event ontologies, bundle theories); Can we make sense of a genuinely perspectival view of reality (Evans, 2000); Are events metaphysically fundamental, as Rovelli has sometimes suggested; Does RQM support foundationalist views in the metaphysics of fundamentality at all.

This online workshop is the first systematic attempt to address some of these crucial issues in a constructive yet critical way.

Invited Speakers: 

Carlo Rovelli (Marseille), Alexia Auffèves (Grenoble), Mauro Dorato (Roma 3), Federico Laudisa (Trento), Matteo Morganti (Roma 3), Andrea Oldofredi (Lausanne).

Schedule: (all times CEST)

13.45-14.00 Claudio Calosi & Cristian Mariani (Introductory Remarks)
14.00-14.50 Andrea Oldofredi
14.50-15.40 Federico Laudisa
15.40-16.30 Alexia Auffèves
16.30-17.20 Mauro Dorato & Matteo Morganti
17.20-18.30  Carlo Rovelli (Replies) & General Discussion

[Talks 1-4: 30’ (talk) + 15’ (Q&A) + 5’ (pause)]

Registration: The workshop will be held online. To register please write an e-mail to:

You will receive further details, including the zoom link, shortly before the start of the workshop.

Organizers:  Cristian Mariani (Grenoble), Andrea Oldofredi (Lausanne), and the SNSF funded project “The Metaphysics of Quantum Objects” (SNSF grant no. 181088, PI Claudio Calosi), Department of Philosophy, University of Geneva.

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