Visiting members

Albert Solé, Autumn Semester 2022 – Spring Semester 2023  •

I am currently a lecturer within the Serra Húnter Programme at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Barcelona. Before this, I have been postdoctoral fellow at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and, even before, PhD candidate at the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science of the Complutense University of Madrid. My research focuses on the philosophical foundations of quantum mechanics and, more particularly, of Bohmian mechanics. More generally, I am interested in the connection between physics and metaphysics and a host of topics concerning the philosophy and methodology of science (explanation, representation, confirmation). I have also interests in the history and philosophy of yoga and the non-dualist traditions in India and elsewhere. I have recently obtained a grant funded by the Spanish Ministry of Universities, that allowed me to be a visiting researcher at the Department of Philosophy of the Université de Genève during the academic year 22/23, joining the project The Metaphysics of Quantum Objects, led by prof. Claudio Calosi.

Mayra Moreira da Costa, October 2022  •

I am a Philosophy Ph.D. candidate at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. In my doctoral research, under the supervision of Patrícia Kauark Leite, I have been working on quantum causal modeling. Much of my research has focused on statistical causal inference, causal forks, philosophy of quantum mechanics, causal theories of time, and the foundations of Einstein’s relativity. My other academic interests include foundations of bio-economy and sustainability, philosophy of artificial intelligence, philosophy of love, logic in general, and decolonial philosophy. Fortunately, in 2022, I received a grant from the Blaumann Foundation for visiting and participating in Prof. Calosi’s project The Metaphysics of Quantum Objects. 

Jacopo Giraldo, Spring Semester 2022  •

I am an MA student in Logic and Philosophy of Science at the University of Florence and I obtained my Bachelor in Mathematics at the University of Padua presenting a thesis on the Noether theorems. I am a visiting student at the University of Geneva where I have been invited by Professor Claudio Calosi to join the project The Metaphysics of Quantum Objects which he leads. My studies are devoted to analytical metaphysics and ontology. I am specifically delving into the metaphysical possibility of extended simples and unextended complexes and their admissibility inside different theories of quantum gravity.