The people

Claudio Calosi, Principal investigator •

I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Geneva, Department of Philosophy. I work mainly in Analytic Metaphysics and Philosophy of Physics. The core of my research—I’d say—concerns the application of formal methods (e.g. mereology, topology, dependence, location) to broad philosophical issues such as identity, composition, dependence, and fundamentality. Lately I have been doing some work in Philosophy & Literature as well.

David Schroeren, Post-doctoral researcher •

I’m a postdoctoral fellow in philosophy at the University of Geneva with principal research interests at the intersection of philosophy of physics, metaphysics, and philosophy of science. My current work develops a fairly general metaphysical framework for modern physics that underwrites the vision that symmetries of the world are fundamental, whereas the material constituents of the world (such as particles and fields) are ontologically derivative of them. I also have research interests in the philosophy of Kant, political philosophy and intergenerational ethics.

Maria Nørgaard, PhD student •

I am a PhD student at the University of Geneva and a part of Claudio Calosi’s project The Metaphysics of Quantum Objects. I have a BSc and MA in physics with a minor in philosophy from the University of Aarhus. I am mainly interested in analytical metaphysics and ontology, as well as philosophy of physics. In particular, I wish to explore the use of process ontology and trope theory in the ontological study of quantum mechanics.

Ryan Miller, PhD student •

I am a philosophy PhD student at the University of Geneva on The Metaphysics of Quantum Objects project led by Claudio Calosi. I wrote a licentiate thesis at the Catholic University of America on the metaphysics of material constitution and a masters’ thesis at the University of Saint Andrews on the mereology of emergence. My PhD thesis Quantum Considerations in the Metaphysics of Levels explores the relationships among mereologies, theories of emergence, and interpretations of quantum mechanics.

Timotheus Riedel, PhD Student  •

I am a PhD student at the University of Geneva and also a member of Prof. Calosi’s project The Metaphysics of Quantum Objects. Before that, I completed my MA in Philosophy at the University of Heidelberg and the MSt in Philosophy of Physics at Oxford University. I like felines as well as the philosophy of physics, meta-ontology, and analytic philosophy of language, although my own research is lamentably restricted to the latter areas. In my PhD project, which is supervised by Prof. Christian Wüthrich and Prof. Claudio Calosi, I investigate into the coherence and intelligibility of Relational Quantum Mechanics.