Juliusz Doboszewski, Postdoctoral researcher •

I am a postdoc in the Lichtenberg group in History and Philosophy of Physics at the University of Bonn, and work mostly (though not exclusively) in the foundations of physics, focusing on foundations of general relativity, philosophical aspects of black holes and spacetime singularities, and selected issues in quantum field theory in curved spacetime and quantum gravity.

Cristian Mariani, Postdoctoral researcher •

I am a postdoc in philosophy at the Institut Néel (CNRS, Grenoble). My main research interests are in philosophy of physics, metaphysics of science, and philosophy of time. Currently, my work revolves around developing a metaphysical framework for collapse interpretations of quantum mechanics that is based on the notion of ontological indeterminacy. My other research interests include the epistemology of climate science and the Ancient Greek philosophy.

Andrea Oldofredi, Senior researcher •

I am a Senior Researcher for the Swiss National Science Foundation at the University of Lausanne since November 2017. I obtained my PhD in philosophy of physics at the same institution in 2016. My work about the philosophy of quantum mechanics and quantum field theory appeared in international peer-reviewed journals such as The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, European Journal for Philosophy of Science, Synthese, Journal for General Philosophy of Science.