“Yelizaveta, when things get very small they get truly crazy (…) A hydrogen atom has a single electron flitting about like a moth in an empty cathedral (…) Every atom is a cathedral (…) There is a straight ladder from the atom to the grain of sand, and the only real mystery in physics is the missing rung. Below it, particle physics; above it, classical physics; but in between, metaphysics!”

Tom Stoppard, Hapgood.

This is the website of the SNF-funded project The Metaphysics of Quantum Objects based at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Geneva.

Included here is a general description of the project and its different sub projects, as well as informations about the project researchers and the publications made within the project.

The news section lists all events organised by the project members or related. In the reading group section a list of the texts read at the group’s weekly meetings is included.


Upcoming events

Past events

· Conference 2022 Location, Location, Location. 26th October 2022.

· Conference 2021 The Nature of Quantum Objects. 11-12th November 2021 (hybrid format).  


Webpage cover image: Collapsed Platonic Solids, Julian Voss Andreae ©, 2009. Quantum Objects Exhibition.